Bring big, bold flavors to your food with seasoning and dry rubs.

Seasoning mixtures and dry rubs are an easy way to add concentrated flavor to foods very quickly. Consisting of a combination of salts, sugars and spices, seasonings and rubs are applied to the surface of foods prior to cooking and help form a delicious crust on foods. KC Masterpiece® Seasoning brings out the best in your foods.

The word rub is actually a misnomer: no physical rubbing is required.

  • About 15 to 20 minutes before cooking, sprinkle then gently pat the rub onto the surface of the food. If you want the flavor to sink in deeper, you can season foods the night before and store covered in the refrigerator.
  • When possible, cut large pieces of meat into smaller portions before seasoning. This will provide more surface for the seasoning and give the meat more flavor. Be sure to season all sides of your foods for maximum flavor.
  • KC Masterpiece® Seasoning can be sprinkled generously on your food. Try starting out with one teaspoon for every pound of food.
  • Season foods a few minutes before grilling. This will give the seasoning a chance to absorb moisture and enhance the flavor of your favorites. Add additional seasoning during the cooking process to kick the flavor up even more.
  • Seasoned meats can be grilled, broiled, stir-fried, sautéed or even baked.
  • Rubs and seasonings are ideal for fattier meats because the fats and seasonings caramelize to form a crisp, toasty crust. Cuts like pork ribs, pork loin, lamb chops, salmon and skin-on chicken are great candidates for rubs.
  • Traditional American barbecue always starts with a dry seasoning or rub. It’s applied before slow and low cooking and cooked in conjunction with a wet mop or barbecue sauce.
  • Always make sure you cook to USDA-recommended safe internal temperatures. Want to know more? Check out the USDA’s official food safety education site.